Our Ministries ...

Our Team

  • Worship Department: Cynthia Kam, Shaya Zhang, Rev. Bruce Edwards

  • Small Group/Fellowship Department: Jocelyn Hung, Pastor Lucinda Tam

  • Sunday School and Christian Education Department: Pastor David Mok, Lucius Cheung, Rev. Bruce Edwards

  • Caring: Discipleship & Welcome Department: Louisa Chong, Jesse Ng, Pastor David Mok

  • Outreach Department: April Chan, Libby Cheung, Benjamin Hung

Worship Ministry

We have opportunities to serve in several teams: Musical Worship Team, Welcome Team, and A/V Team. If you are interested in knowing more or joining, please contact Cynthia Kam (emc@mcac-cma.com) for more details!

Sandwich Run Ministries

Partnering up with Toronto Alliance Church (TAC), the Sandwich Run Ministry supports TAC's Community Night. Together, we cook food, serve dinner, help out at the food & clothing bank, and assist in running a worship service for the attendees of the Community Night. We are always looking for volunteers to serve. Please contact Pastor Lucinda (lucinda.tam@mcac-cma.com) for more details!