About us 關於我們 ...

Markham Chinese Alliance Church (MCAC), part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA), was established in 1991. Initially formed from only a few dozen Cantonese speaking members from the Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church, MCAC has grown over the years to become a vibrant community of over 200 people worshipping Christ in three distinct languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. We aim to build community and care for needs in a holistic fashion, taking care of physical, psychological/emotional and spiritual well-being through God's love for us and our love for all the people of God.


Our Team - (905) 201-6344

  • Acting Senior Pastor 代理主任牧師: Rev. Timothy Wan 萬永翔牧師 Ext 26 timothy.wan@mcac-cma.com

  • Mandarin Ministry Pastor 國語牧師: Rev. Timothy Wan 萬永翔牧師 Ext 26 timothy.wan@mcac-cma.com

  • English Ministry Pastor 英語牧師: Rev. Nathan Kwan 關耀峰牧師 nathan.kwan@mcac-cma.com

  • Cantonese Ministry Pastor 粵語傳道: Pastor Ray Ngan 顏家輝傳道 ray.ngan@mcac-cma.com

  • Youth and Young Adult Pastor 青年事工傳道: Pastor Faith Lau 劉述希傳道 Ext 24 faith.lau@mcac-cma.com

  • Children's Ministry Pastor 義務兒童事工傳道: Pastor Lucinda Tam 甘譚月美傳道 Ext 24 lucinda.tam@mcac-cma.com

  • Cantonese Ministry Lay Assistant Pastor 義務粵語助理傳道: 郭家慶傳道 Pastor Henry Kwok henry.kwok@mcac-cma.com

  • Secretary 幹事: Lilian Ng 伍李莉文 Ext 21 office@mcac-cma.com

Our C&MA logo represents our emphasis on the person of Jesus Christ in what we call the fourfold gospel. Discover with us what each symbol means! The fourfold Gospel describes the historical emphasis of the C&MA on the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our Saviour, our Sanctifier, our Healer, and our Coming King. These aspects of the ministry of Jesus is what defined the C&MA more than 100 years ago and continue to lay out the foundation of our work today.