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Dear brothers & sisters, 親愛的麥宣弟兄姊妹,

__Policy for Relaxation of COVID-related restrictions.__ __麥咸華人宣道會放寬 COVID相關限制指引__ __September 27, 2022__ As government authorities have lifted many of the restrictions related to COVID-19 in our country, the Board of Elders of MCAC has agreed on the following policies: 因應政府已經取消對COVID-19相關的多項限制,長議會於 9月 26日一致通過以下指引,即時生效:

1) Food may be eaten in the church under certain conditions: 教會如舉辦聚餐活動,聚餐時建議: - Everyone needs to use hand sanitizer and avoid crowding many people at a table. We recommend a maximum of six people per table. 時刻使用消毒液清潔雙手,建議每台最多六人,以保持距離。 - No one should feel that they must eat in order to participate in the event.可自由選擇是否出席聚會的聚餐部分。任何人都不應感覺到必須同時聚餐才能出席該活動

2) The wearing of masks in the church will be optional but everyone is encouraged to be considerate of others. We would like to be a “mask-friendly” church where those who wish to wear a mask feel comfortable. 解除教會室內佩戴口罩指引 。個別人士如因身體健康需要,可選擇繼續佩戴口罩。讓我們成為一間 “mask-friendly” 的教會。

3) We will no longer ask people to have their temperature checked when they come into the building. Those who are unwell (with symptoms of COVID-19 or a cold), please stay at home. 進入教會前無需測量體溫。身體不適者(有新冠或感冒病徵),應留在家中。

4) We will continue to have hand sanitizer available at the front entrance and at other strategic points in the church building. 繼續於正門及其他 要道點設置消毒液。

5) We will no longer use the plexiglass barriers for worship teams, pastors, Scripture readers, etc. 拆除講台上所設置的玻璃屏障

6) We will continue with the current practice of cleaning and sanitizing the church on a weekly basis to prevent the spread of any infection. 教會仍繼續每週清潔並進行消毒,以預防病毒傳播。

MCAC is reopened for in-person Sunday services as follows: 教會已恢復實體主日崇拜,崇拜時間分為以下:

  • English Service 英語 9:15 am

  • Mandarin Service 國語 9:00 am

  • Cantonese Service 粤語 11:00 am

  • Tamil Service 泰米爾語 10:00 am

  • Sunday Services are also available on Zoom & YouTube YouTube Online Service. 網上與實體崇拜將同時進行, 網上崇拜請點擊 YouTube 網上崇拜

  • e-Transfers are accepted via by stating your account number & funds allocation. 教會接受電郵電子轉帳(Interac e-Transfer)奉獻,弟兄姊妹可直接將奉獻轉至;並註明姓名,奉獻號碼和奉獻類別(如:常費,等)