Our Vision 我們的異象 ...

“Not I but Christ” was the focus in last year that we made Him the center, the target, and the purpose in our spiritual journey.

  1. Deeper life in the salvation of Christ (Jan-Mar)

  2. Glorious life in the sanctification of Christ (Apr-Jun)

  3. Submissive life in the healing of Christ (Jul-Sep)

  4. Victorious life in the second coming of Christ (Oct-Dec)

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciations to all the Elders, Deacons, Ministry Committees and leaders for their faithful service as well as the prayers, participations and supports from the brothers and sisters of MCAC in the past year. Your extraordinary works had really made our church different and edified the body of Christ. As God has given us the goal to transform MCAC to become an Intentional Disciples Making Church, I pray in the Holy Spirit that by God’s grace and mercy He will embrace us together with the same vision and passion of disciples making, and through spiritual direction in the Holy Spirit, we will certainly encounter Him daily and bear fruits for His glory.

Looking forward to the year of 2020: Living in the Holy Spirit

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Who is the exceedingly important agent in our lives when we are striving to be Christ Jesus’ disciples? Yes, the Holy Spirit is the agent we cannot afford to overlook! Who is the Holy Spirit? And what is the purpose of God who promise to give the Holy Spirit to us? Every Christian should better know Him well and discover Him more as the spiritual intimacy between we and He can be developed in the new level far beyond to our imagination.

As what the Scripture says, we can only be His witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth until we have received the power of the Holy Spirit. For this critical reason, we will spend another whole year of 2020 in this great focus.

  1. The Promise of the Holy Spirit – sealed with Him (Jan-Mar)

  2. The Spirit-filled life in the Holy Spirit – His fullness in us (Apr-Jun)

  3. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit – bearing fruit in Him (Jul-Sep)

  4. The Power of the Holy Spirit – the serving power in Him (Oct-Dec)

I’m excited to invite everyone in MCAC to wait on God by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit to see how He is going to guide us to take actions for deeper life and mission in the year ahead. As a child of God, don’t be ignorant of the presence of the Holy Spirit! Not only we should understand the seal of the Holy Spirit in our lives, but also, we should wait for His sovereignty to fill us and change us. By His mercy we will certainly experience His transforming power upon us through the work of the Holy Spirit.


  1. 在基督的救恩裡生根建造 (一至三月)

  2. 在基督的成聖裡成全完備 (四至六月)

  3. 在基督的醫治裡順服王權 (七至八月)

  4. 在基督的再來裡凱旋得勝 (九至十二月)




當我們要塑造自己成為主耶穌基督的門徒時,誰是最重要的生命塑造者?不錯的,是聖靈!祂是我們不能夠忽略的生命塑造者。誰是聖靈?「聖靈」的名稱聽來熟識,但在關係的建立上卻像是陌生。 為什麼神要賜下應許的聖靈給我們?每一位基督徒需要對祂多了解發掘,因為聖靈要在我們的生命裏建立更深度密切的關係,並且這關係將會超過我們能夠想像的親密程度。


  1. 聖靈的應許《確據》 (一至三月)

  2. 聖靈的充滿《命令》 (四至六月)

  3. 聖靈的果子《生命》 (七至九月)

  4. 聖靈的能力《能源》 (十至十二月)